Spring Recital 2023

Thank you for attending our 2023 Spring Recital!

Performing in front of an audience increases confidence and is an important part of our students’ journeys. We congratulate all of our students for their hard work this season. Be sure to check back on this page after the show for the photo gallery!


Austin Music Guitar Ensemble,

Country Gardens/Some Kind of Sunset




Student Title Composer Instrument
Hope Bailey Row Row Row Your Boat Traditional Guitar
Rachel Dean Goodness of God Bethel Music Guitar / Vocals
Dean Conley Marines Hymn Offenbach Piano
Savannah Collis When the Saints go Marching In Stamps Piano
Scarlett Rich Swinging Along Chaum Piano
Vivien Bradley A Message Chris Martin Piano
Todd Baldridge Worried Man Blues Carter Guitar
Meadow Ivy Good King Wenceslas Neale Piano
Lila Tesch Steamboat Around the Bend Lee Piano
Turner Tesch Horse and Sleigh Faber Piano
Elle Monroe Burch You are My Sunshine The Pine Ridge Boys Guitar / Vocals
Bryson Powell Elf’s Silver Hammer Faber Piano
Lia O’Ferrall Dutch Dance Thompson Piano
Destry Casey C Major Warm up Piano
Wilder Standley Blues Guitar
Paula Trobaugh Auclair de la Lune Traditional Guitar
Zaine Khaja Pirates of the Caribbean Radnich Piano
Hawkins Hood Yankee Doodle Willard Guitar
Donna Dyson The Fairy Court Thompson Piano
Chloe Dean Brother John Jacques Piano / Vocal
Victoria Mincey This Land is Your Land Woody Guthrie Guitar / Vocals
Carl DeLong Toy Soldiers Thompson Piano
Catherine Cyr Stalactites and Stalagmites Schaum Piano
Owen McCaw Today Smashing Pumpkins Drums
Lily Kipp C Major Warm up/A message/Chimes Piano
Adam Khaja From a Wigwam Thompson Piano
Avery Izor Rain on the Roof Kinney Piano
The Cyr Trio Sweden Rosenfeld Ensemble
George Mullen The River Prahlow Guitar
Jackson Wise Hallelujah Coen Guitar
Arianna Flowers The Faries’ Harp Thompson Piano
Lydia Hatcher Spanish Theme Hal Leonard Guitar
Easton Wells Betty and Bill Thompson Piano
Ty Warren A/G Major Warm Up Guitar
Harper Breaux Postman Piano
Jack Currie Legend of Ashitaka Hisaishi Trumpet
Josue Gomez Star Wars (Main Theme) Williams Piano
Leandre Cyr Shop Fox Violin
Gabriel Cyr Simple Gifts Brackett Violin
Rocco Strahl Romanza Traditional Guitar
Michael Peacock Amazing Grace Newton Violin

Student Biographies

Hope Bailey
Spring Recital 2023 1

Hope is 27, a full time employee at St Andrews Bay Yacht Club of 3 years & a full time single mother! She played guitar as an elementary student & is now revisiting that hobby again more seriously. From Illinois but her love of the crystal clear waters & white sand drove her heart & soul here to PCB where she has called home for almost four years.

Savannah Collis
Spring Recital 2023 2

Savannah Collis is 8 years old and moved to Inlet Beach in 2021 from WV. She loves art and music and wants to be an artist when she grows up.

Chloe Dean
Spring Recital 2023 3

Chloe is 8 years old. She was born in Panama City, Fl. She has 3 siblings. She has been taking piano lessons for almost 2 years. She loves to sing and take flexibility classes. Chloe plans to be a teacher when she grows up.

Adam Khaja
Spring Recital 2023 4

Adam is 7 years old and has played piano for almost a year. He learned a lot watching his older brother and has been very excited to learn and perform in front of family and friends. Adam loves sports and art, he’s a part of the Bay United soccer travel team and the PC swim team. He hopes to become great at playing piano one day as well.

Zaine Khaja
Spring Recital 2023 5

Zaine has a unique ear for music. he loved listening and moving to the tunes as a toddler and in the womb. By age 4, he started piano lessons despite having tiny fingers and not knowing his ABCs. His piano teachers always praised and encouraged him to do more. Zaine enjoys swimming and jiu-jitsu and continues to work on his passion for music by learning to play famous hits every chance he gets.

Turner Tesch
Spring Recital 2023 6

Turner was born in Wisconsin and moved to PCB in 2021.  He started piano lessons with Seth in 2022.  In addition to music, Turner loves hockey, baseball, and fishing.

Rocco Strahl
Spring Recital 2023 7

Rocco was born in Indiana and moved to Florida in 2017. He took an interest in playing the guitar over a year ago. He has many different instruments that he has played, the alto saxophone and the contra alto clarinet with the band at Surfside.

Lila Tesch
Spring Recital 2023 8

Lila was born in Wisconsin and moved to PCB in 2021.  She started piano lessons with Kim in 2022.  Lila’s musical aspirations in addition to the piano are ukulele, drums, and singing.  She recently performed a vocal solo in the Beach Elementary talent show.  In addition to music, Lila loves soccer, softball, and swimming.

Owen McCaw
Spring Recital 2023 9

Owen McCaw was born in Panama City Beach in 2014 and started taking drum lessons when he was 5. He also likes to play the piano. He enjoys listening to Rock and Roll music, playing soccer and baseball, and reading.

Easton Wells
Spring Recital 2023 10

Easton was born in Dothan, AL. He has been an honor roll student at Huchison Beach Elementary for the last 5 years. This year, Easton participated as a member of the spirit club and a safety patrol monitor. For the last two years, Easton has competeted and placed in swim meets across the region as a member of the Panama City Swim Team. Easton came to the Fine arts academy three month ago to learn to play the piano. He also takes guitar lessons at home from his dad in his off time. When Easton graduates high school he had aspirations of joining the United States military.

George Mullin
Spring Recital 2023 11

George Mullin is originally from Minnesota and moved to Florida in 2022 with his family. George has always been interested In music and also likes many types of games.  George began playing the guitar about six months ago.  He is the second youngest of five children and likes spending time with his 3 dogs.  He also likes listening to “King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard”, “Motley Cru”, and many other bands.

Donna Dyson
Spring Recital 2023 12

Donna was born in the United Kingdom. She came to Austin Music Co in 2020 during the height of the pandemic as she was becoming bored at home and wanted to pursue a new hobby. Donna is currently taking piano lessons with Kim and wants to learn how to play the guitar in the next few years. When Donna is not playing the piano she enjoys sketching anime characters and baking treats.

Avery Izor
Spring Recital 2023 13

Avery was born in Panama City, FL and began her musical journey with the piano earlier this year.  She is always excited to come to class and learn something new from Mrs. Kim, who we love!  In her free time, she enjoys reading comic books and playing at the beach with friends.  Avery hopes to acquire her foundational skills through piano, then eventually learn to play the electric guitar.  Her parents are very proud of her for how much she’s learned in the past year!

Lydia Hatcher
Spring Recital 2023 14

Lydia Hatcher is 13 years old and lives in Inlet Beach. She is homeschooled and enjoys horseback riding and video games. Lydia is just starting out on her musical journey but she loves her guitar and learning to play her favorite pop songs.

Gabriel Cyr
Spring Recital 2023 15

Gabriel was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada in 2011. Like his brother, he is also an avid martial artist and began learning to play the violin in 2018. His future aspirations change weekly, but his ability to hold a logical argument implies he will likely end up as a lawyer.

Leandre Cyr
Spring Recital 2023 16

Leandre was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada in 2009. He is an avid martial artist and has been learning to play the violin since 2017. He aspires to join the air force as adult and to see the world.

Catherine Cyr
Spring Recital 2023 17

Catherine was born in Chicoutimi, Quebec Canada in 2012. She is also an avid martial artist like her older brothers and has taken Highland Dancing lessons in the past. She has aspirations of becoming a Registered Nurse, like her grandmother.

Carl DeLong
Spring Recital 2023 18

My name is Carl Edward DeLong, I am 1st Gate student at Dune Lake Elementary . I enjoy building with Lego’s, reading about dinosaurs and playing soccer. I have been. learning piano with miss Kim since September.

Elle Monroe Burch
Spring Recital 2023 19

Elle Monroe has a creative spirit and enjoys drawing and music. She is in her second year with Ms. Kim at Austin Music Co., and is excited to continue developing her skills singing and playing guitar.

Vivien Bradley
Spring Recital 2023 20

Vivien Bradley is 9 years old and loves art, dance and music. She also enjoys spending time with her little sisters and French Bulldog, Louie.

Wilder Standley
Spring Recital 2023 21

Wilder was born in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. He is 6 ½ years old and although he isn’t the world’s best guitar player, he puts tons of effort into ensuring he looks cool while he does it. In his spare time, he enjoys watching annoying Minecraft videos, kicking a ball around, throwing a ball around, riding his bike without a helmet and going to Disney World. He also loves playing the guitar and reading music.

Lily Kipp
Spring Recital 2023 22

Lily is a native of Panama City, FL and is in 5th grade at Hutchison Beach Elementary. She has been taking piano lessons for two and a half months and enjoys it very much. Her other favorite activities at school are Art Club and Music. She is excited about beginning class at Surfside MIddle School in the fall

Michael Peacock
Spring Recital 2023 23

My name is Michael Peacock and playing violin really makes the day and time great!!! I’ve been playing for two years now and it’s better and better as I progress.

Lia O’Ferrall
Instrument Repair

Lia O’Ferrall was born on January 10, 2015. She is a great student and enjoys drawing, dancing, and playing music.

Austin Music Co Family of Staff and Instructors

Seth Traylor
Seth Traylor

Seth, a native to the Florida panhandle, graduated from Gulf Breeze High School in 2013. During these years, he performed with the Florida All-State Concert/Symphonic Bands/Orchestras as well as the All-State Reading Chorus and won several of his high school’s talent shows with his arrangements for various ensembles. He went on to graduate from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts in commercial music where he became a member of Florida State’s Audio Production Team  and performed with the Florida State Philharmonic Orchestra and Chinese Music Ensemble. Shortly after graduating, Seth moved to Panama City to help his mother through Hurricane Michael where he now manages and teaches at his new home, Austin Music Co.

Kim Miller
Kim Miller

Native to Bay County, I began piano lessons in the  2nd grade and fell in love with the keyboard! My mother and father, Inga and Gary Evans taught me guitar and pitch when singing Harmony, Percussion for timing, including spoons, cowbell and tambourine! In 1976 my grandparents and friends started Kingswood Baptist Church and I was the first Piano player and Sunday School teacher to a congregation of 7. 1981-1986 I attended Mowat Jr. and Mosley High Schools. I started percussion, but switched to French Horn marching, concert and All County Bands. I graduated Mosley High School in 1986. 1986-1990 played guitar at various school, church, museum and small venues in Tallahassee, FL.1990-1994 taught private guitar and piano lessons in North Carolina. 1994-1996 studied Music Theory and Performance at Caldwell Community College. I was inducted in the North Carolina Piano Guild in 1997. 2000-2005 In-Home Piano Instructor, played rhythm guitar, recorded collaborated album, played venues in Panama City, FL. 2008-1012 private Guitar and Piano Teacher in Vernon, FL aka Vernon Florida Music. 2012-1014 Piano Teacher and at Awesome Music. 2014-2019 Piano and guitar Teacher aka Kimberly’s Piano Lessons. My husband Oscar H. Miller and I enjoy playing and writing music together. His parents Bill and Nella V. Miller were gospel singers and musicians. Oscar is a talented pianist, guitarist, vocalist! The blessings roll in when our kids come to visit and we have a family jam!

Michael “Spike” Shipley

Michael A. Shipley was born in the Northeast country Baltimore, MD. He began his studies with private lessons in percussion from 1974 to 1977 under the acclaimed Senior Chief Jaun Vasquez (MM percussion performance from Boston Conservatory) who held the position as Navy Band principal percussionist in conert band and leader of Vibes/Bass Dou and Skipjack Quartet. In 1977, Michael continued his education with Dale Raushenberg the Associate Professor of Music and Director of the Towson State University Percussion Ensemble until 1978. At the St. Mary’s College (1978-1979), Michael furthered his intense studies in music and percussion and performed in both the Wind Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble, directed by Robert Cameron. While attending there he also studied privately with percussion instructor, Nora Davenport. Michael is a global performer and well versed in all styles of music. Some of his professional performances outside of the United States include New Zealand, Caribbean Islands, and Brazil. Michael and his wife Rose, who is a Brazilian native, live here in Panama City Beach. They Continue to travel to Brazil where Michael studies and performs in Latin percussion.

Tyler Bellucci
Spring Recital 2023 24

Tyler Bellucci is a multi talented artist from Panama City Beach, Florida. His musical abilities include writing, recording, and performing live music. In his musical arsenal, he implements the piano, violin, guitar, bass guitar, drums, and voice. While growing up in Charlotte, North Carolina, Tyler sat as a first violin music throughout his years of primary education in public school. He also attended an after school program funded by the Arts and Science Council called Studio 345. This safe haven for creativity truly allowed him to take his art to the next level. As a class of ‘16 graduate from Mallard Creek High, Tyler was already out in the community playing gigs in the local scene as well as with the local church. Tyler has also had experience playing with top virtuosos such as Tina Guo and Mark Wood. After high school, Tyler wasn’t quite ready to start college yet and needed time to figure out how he was going to continue to implement his musical knowledge into a career. He decided he would begin to pursue a career in audio video technology. His first AV job was as an entry level tech at Cedar Fair’s Carowinds amusement park. After some stumbling blocks, Tyler returned to his home state to discover a very essential community who has helped him to progress as a musician. In 2021, he graduated from Florida Panhandle Technical College as a student of Digital Media Technology. In October of ‘22, Tyler joined the team at Austin Music Co and continues to allow his passionate interest for art, people, and Christ to allow him to pursue a successful career. 

Michael and Sunnie Austin
Spring Recital 2023 25

Michael and Sunnie are both longtime Emerald Coast locals. They are proud parents to nine children and proud grandparents to four grandchildren! Michael was born with music in his DNA, coming from a long line of musicians on both sides of his family. He has been playing in local churches for the last ten years and has passed his passion and talents onto his children. They have been operating Austin Music Co since 2019 and loving every minute getting to know the local musician community and watching their students grow!